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Bronwyn Anderson offers a range of organisational development consultant services including helping to develop values and align the behaviour most valued by an organisation.

Organisational Development Consulting

A change for good
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Useful Links

Mission Statement

To assist organisations to reach their full potential through developing a culture where the whole person can walk through the door to work each day, stay resilient, and be high performing


Our Values

- Working in partnership with our clients; i.e. we do "with" rather than "to"
- Empowering rather than creating dependencies
. Adding value and making a difference. If we can't do this, we will say so up front
. Assisting organisations and individuals to reach their potential underlies all we do
- Working with trust and honesty

Our Services

Change Dynamics provides a range of organisational development consulting services to facilitate people and organisations changing for positive growth and effectiveness. Please refer to the links for further information.

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